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The Light Duty Level 1 Course is a 3-day online class. All three days will be done online with an Instructor and includes power point instruction, video instructions, video demonstrations, and concludes with a 50-question certification test. Each student will be sent an electronic copy of the Essentials of Light Duty Towing & Recovery manual and the class will introduce the driver to the use of light duty tow trucks, proper operating procedures and acceptable standards in the industry. The course will also touch on:  Conduct and Appearance  Truck Inspection and Maintenance  Operator Responsibilities  Equipment Knowledge  Ratings and Tow Capacities  Basic Recovery Techniques  Calculating Resistance  Winches and Wire Ropes  Towing and Hookup Techniques  Scene Incident Management . Please allow up to two (2) weeks for your test results.  Terms & Conditions: NO cancellations or refunds within seven (7) days of the class.  Code & Conduct: All students/drivers will conduct themselves in a professional manner. Students and drivers will follow the direction of the instructor and ERSCA Representative. Cheating on the test will not be tolerated, this includes the use of notes or electronic devices. - If you need assistance, or have a question, please call 916-617-2882 or email or - Thank you! Basic equipment requirements; A device with a front-facing camera, microphone, reliable internet connection, and uninterrupted power supply (can be plugged in for all 5 hours). We require using a desktop or laptop computer for the optimal training experience. You can download the electronic manual on a tablet, smart phone or print a copy for following during along the class. If your company has multiple students registered for the class, they MUST use separate devices in separate locations/room. Students may not take the course near each other! A personal email account for each operator to receive login information is a requirement.
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