Shane Coleman
PREREQUISITE: The Operator must have a commercial license prior to attending Essentials of Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery. This Heavy Duty class is a 4 day online classroom course approved by CHP - day one begins at 7:30AM and days 2, 3, and 4 begin at 8:00AM. Emphasis is on conduct & appearance, operator responsibilities, equipment knowledge, chain & wire rope specification, load limits, straps & slings, rigging for a successful recovery, calculating resistance, air brake systems, towing & hookup techniques, scene & incident management, and hazardous materials. A test and certification will conclude the course. This training reflects minimum heavy duty tow truck operator training. Depending on the student and his/her abilities and experience, additional training may be required before towing for the rotation tow program. • Equipment required to attend this class is a PC or Laptop computer with GOOD INTERNET. The manual is an electronic version and can be downloaded onto a smart device, tablet, or can be printed (100 pages back to back). Students attending are required to pre-register by emailing a copy of your driver’s license to, the name on the driver’s license must match the name on the roster. Please allow up to two (2) weeks for your test results.  Terms & Conditions: NO cancellations or refunds within seven (7) days of the class. Code & Conduct: All students/drivers will conduct themselves in a professional manner. Students and drivers will follow the direction of the Instructor, and ERSCA Representative while on virtual site. Instructors have the final decision on any questionable behavior or appearance and may evict any student from the class as they see fit. No driving, no sharing devices or workspace, no virtual backgrounds, no laying down (recliner, couch, bed, etc.), no walking around during class, no phone conversations during class, no sleeping, no being late to class or returning from breaks, no releasing vehicles or performing office work while in class, and no talking, using notes/manuals, or cheating during the testing. If you need assistance, or have a question, please call 916-617-2882 or email, - Thank you!
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